Collecting Avios with Best Western

Escape to anywhere, with over 4,000 hotels worldwide

Whether you’re on a quick escape or the trip of a lifetime, enjoy Best Western Hotels & Resorts comfort in over 100 countries. You’ll collect Avios as you relax, so your next getaway comes around even faster.

  • Collect 500 Avios every time you book via
  • Or if you’re a Best Western Rewards® member, you can change your existing points into Avios. Get 1,000 Avios for every 5,000 Best Western Rewards points transferred
  • Enjoy unique hotels with spacious rooms, top-quality food, and high-speed internet

How to collect Avios with Best Western Hotels & Resorts

  1. Create a Best Western Rewards Account
  2. Add your Avios membership number (or airline programme membership number) to your Best Western Rewards Account, then select Avios/your airline programme as your points preference
  3. Search, find and book your stay

Already collecting Best Western Rewards points?

Customers can turn their existing Best Western Rewards points into Avios. Simply login to your Best Western Rewards accountand swap your points. You’ll get 1,000 Avios for every 5,000 Best Western Rewards points you swap.

Avios will be added to your account within 28 days.

Avios Fact Sheet

What are Avios?

Avios are travel rewards points that allow you to turn your everyday spending into flights, hotel stays, upgrades and more.

Avios is a global loyalty currency. You can collect Avios with the Avios Travel Rewards Programme, and also with multiple airline loyalty programmes such as British Airways Executive Club, Meridiana Club, Iberia Plus and AerClub.

How to collect Avios

Collect Avios on your everyday spend; on groceries and fuel, dining out and more. You can also collect Avios when you shop online, through almost 1,000 retailers with Avios eStore. Collect Avios as you travel, on your flights, hotel stays, tours, car hire and more.

How to spend Avios

Build your balance, then pick where you want your Avios to take you.

You could be sunbathing on Sicilian beaches, hiking in the Swiss Alps, or strolling the streets of Marseille. Put your Avios towards flights, upgrades, hotel stays, sightseeing tours and more, so you can save your money for souvenirs. Closer to home, you can spend your Avios on fun days out friends and family or even cases of wine.

With Avios, you can turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

For further information about each programme:

Avios Travel Rewards Programme:

British Airways Executive Club:

Aer Club:

Meridiana Club:

Iberia plus: